Social media fuels boost in empathy among teenagers

20 02 2012

“So you think social media is making us all a bunch of selfish egomaniacs. 

A new study suggests otherwise—among teenagers, no less. 

The Word Vision study (conducted by Harris Interactive) found that 55 percent of teens say social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have made them more aware of the needs of others. It marks an increase from last year when just 44 percent said social media makes them more aware. More than 500 teenagers, ages 13 to 17, took part in the study in January. 

The findings make sense. Teens have taken to social media channels to speak out against bullying, teen suicide, and more. Another recent study of teenagers’ communication habits said they use Facebook “emotionally.” 

The Huffington Post points out that nonprofits are taking notice and incorporating fundraising tools into their social media channels. According to USA Today, nonprofits that combined social media with traditional methods saw a 40 percent boost in fundraising.”

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