Co-Founder Of Manteresting, Pinterest For Men, On What It Means To Be A Clone [TCTV]

9 03 2012

We’ve found Pinterest clones galore since the social pinboard site first launched, but it would seem that the fad is going in a new direction. Recently I stumbled upon, a Pinterest for men, and couldn’t help but seek out the founders for a quick little interview.

In it, co-founder Brandon and I discuss what it means to be a clone, how Manteresting plans on differentiating itself, and whether or not the user experience is heightened by drawling a line between the two genders. (Unfortunately, co-founder Jesse Michelsen wasn’t able to speak with us.)

If you’ll remember, comScore recently revealed that 80 percent of Pinterest activity is by women, though you really don’t need comScore’s input to know that’s the case. A quick visit to should help clear it up: ladies love Pinterest.

But honestly, even as a girl I don’t really enjoy Pinterest as much as I know I could if I was following more male friends who actively interact with the site. At the same time, I can’t see myself getting the best possible experience out of either.

A nice combo would be best, and that’s what Pinterest is going for. But it might get a bit more difficult with Manteresting, and other sites like it, trying to snatch up the male demographic.

See the full article at:




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