Is McDonald’s Losing That Lovin’ Feeling?

29 02 2012

Most marketers would love to be McDonald’s.

It’s the world’s largest fast feeder by sales. Global same-store sales rose 5.6% last year over 2010 — its eighth consecutive year of positive same-store sales. It’s rated the world’s No. 6 brand by Interbrand, with a value of $35.6 billion. It’s the 26th-largest advertiser in the country, with a budget of nearly $888 million for U.S. measured media, according to Kantar Media. Indeed, the GoldenArches are a global beacon of success, and the company’s 33,000-plus locations in 119 countries serve 68 million people a day.

But something strange is happening on McDonald’s soaring arches: Its brand perception isn’t keeping pace with sales. According to people close to the company, its internal tracking system finds that McDonald’s consistently ranks near the bottom in quality perception when compared with rivals.

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Hoo-ah: How the US Army Has Become a Social Media Leader

28 02 2012

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Hispanics Most Avid Social Network Users

27 02 2012

In the US, Hispanics are more likely than blacks and Caucasians to log in to various social networking sites on a daily basis or more often, according to a new American Pulse Survey from BIGinsight.

Among online adults surveyed, Hispanics are roughly three times more likely than Caucasians to log in to LinkedIn at least daily (15.5% vs. 4.8%), and they are more than two times more likely than Caucasians to log in to Twitter (35.4% vs. 12.6%).

Brands Face Stream Fatigue as Consumers Look Beyond Gimmicks in Social Networks

24 02 2012

“The mystique of Twitter, Facebook and Google+ causes a momentary lapse of reason where businesses are surprisingly acting first and addressing “the why” at a later point in time, if at all. Without careful consideration and strategy, a great wave of stream fatigue, social blindness or far worse, customer unlikes and unfollows in will befall unsuspecting businesses en masse in social media. It will come down to a vital, but fixable disconnect. Businesses are interacting with consumers to socialize rather than learn about customer expectations to in turn, deliver tangible value, improve product experiences, and invest in long-term relationships.”

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5 ways PR can lead to new business

23 02 2012

1. Generate inbound links

2. Publish your own press releases

3. Share customer success stories

4. Use social media

5. Include CTAs

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Is social networking making us all lazy?

22 02 2012

“I am certainly guilty of falling into the social networking trap. I have had a Facebook page for several years as well as a twitter account. Recently however, I have come to question the value of them and wondered how much time it has taken away from well….being truly social. I also wonder how lazy it has made us in relationships or in particular, our daily lives. We most certainly found other interests before these things took over.’

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Infographic: How the top 50 nonprofits do social media

21 02 2012

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